Fitness Tip: Fun a pleasant surprise for some kids in U of A camps (with video)

I just love running around the bases and kicking the ball, Dan says. I like running and getting a home run, Fedor adds. They also like Wonka Tag where everybody is it. Both wanted to come to camp because we like being sporty, Dan explains. And, you get tired playing games on the computer at home, and it gets boring sometimes. Besides being outside and active, Zih-Yun Jean Hwang, is also using her time at camp to improve her English. My mom said I need to study my English, explains the 11-year-old who recently moved here from Taiwan. Her mom figured spending time with kids Jeans age would facilitate that before she starts school in September. Fun and Fitness will be Wyatt Howells only camp this summer, he says. The rest of the time will be spent camping with cousins and getting together with friends.


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