Marketing health insurance enrollment shaping up as a big challenge

Health Sec. Sebelius to speak to women bloggers

The pitch: If you dont make much money, the government can pick up some of the cost of your health insurance. If you can afford a policy, by law you have to get one. People will be directed to , a government site, for more information. The political stakes for the Obama administration in a big response are high. If only the sickest people sign up, the cost of their medical care could overburden insurance carriers and sink the new marketplaces. The new system depends on a balanced pool. The ad campaign already underway in Colorado demonstrates the search for an effective message. There, TV commercials show people being magically transformed into champions. One minute theyre shopping for health insurance on a computer, the next theyre winning at a horse race, in a casino or at the World Series with champagne corks flying. The slogan: When health insurance companies compete, the only winner is you. Thats because market research shows Coloradans like competition, said Tom Leydon, CEO of Denver-based advertising and digital marketing agency Pilgrim. The celebratory scenes remind people of the good feeling they get when they win, he said.

Thursday, July 25, 2013 Sebelius recruits women to blog about health law Sponsored Links The Associated Press CHICAGO President Barack Obama ‘s administration is courting female bloggers to play a role in a massive campaign aimed at informing the public about the benefits of the new health care law. Over breakfast at a blogging conference Thursday in Chicago, U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius asked a banquet hall full of bloggers most of them women to help spread the word about new health insurance opportunities that begin this fall under the Affordable Care Act. Many uninsured Americans know little about how the law will affect them, Sebelius said, and want information from people they trust. “I bet you more people could tell you the name of the new prince of England than could tell you that the health market opens Oct. 1,” Sebelius said at the national BlogHer conference. In a little more than two months, each state will have a Web-based insurance market where people can comparison shop for a health policy. The law requires most people to get covered and many will receive financial help paying their premiums through new tax credits. The administration has been recruiting celebrities, librarians and now bloggers to help with a marketing blitz aimed at enrolling the uninsured. The federal government has a $41 million contract with public relations firm Weber Shandwick for a national campaign.


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