10 Wackiest Diets of All Time

It then morphed into chewing until food liquefied. Then, escalated to dieters being advised not to eat any food that would not liquefy completely in their mouths. Unfortunately, that included all foods with fiber. This was before modern treatments for constipation so between chewing food and praying for an end to gastrointestinal distress, they didnt exactly have time to cheat on the diet. So, it kind of worked? We wouldnt recommend it though. Tape Worms Im not sure if this is the kind of insect eating that the UN had in mind, but it was an actual diet. Basically the dieters swallow the eggs of a tapeworm which then grow in the digestive tract where they eat part of the hosts food, thus reducing caloric intake.

Diets minus omega-3s tied to anxiety in offspring

This study was performed on rats, where the researchers examined a “second generation” of omega-3 deficient diets. The researchers administered a set of behavioral tasks to study the learning and memory, decision making, anxiety, and hyperactivity of both adults and adolescents. Although subjects appeared to be in general good physical health, there were behavioral deficiencies in adolescents that were more pronounced in second-generation subjects with omega-3 deficiencies. Overall, these adolescents were more anxious and hyperactive, learned at a slower rate, and had impaired problem-solving abilities The researchers sought to explore how dietary factors could influence behavioral health across generations. The results indicate that diets today do not merely affect us in the short-term, but could also hurt or benefit offspring as well.

Fad diets: Why does a recipe for disaster sound like recipe for success?

Fad diets are also limiting when it comes to exercise. Many prohibit exercise because its dangerous for your heart rate. If your plan to get in shape prohibits exercise, because exerting energy would be dangerous paired with the amount of nutrients youre taking, then you need a new plan.


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