Urging Your Partner to Diet May Backfire

“Romantic partners provide important feedback about each other’s weight,” Eisenberg said. “Encouraging a loved one to diet, however, may do more harm than good.” In 2008 and 2009, she surveyed nearly 1,300 young adults in Minnesota, ages 20 to 31 and in relationships. More than 40 percent of those surveyed had used extreme dieting behaviors in the past year, she found. Binge eating nearly doubled among women whose partners encouraged dieting ”very much” compared to ”not at all.” While about 14 percent of women who were not urged to diet engaged in binge eating, more than 25 percent of those urged to diet ”very much” did so. While about 4 percent of men who were not urged to diet by their partner engaged in binge eating, 14 percent of those who experienced constant urging to diet engaged in the behavior, the investigators found. The study is published in the July/August issue of the American Journal of Health Promotion. About half of the men and women said their significant other encouraged them to diet either a little, somewhat, or very much. More than 56 percent said their partner dieted to lose weight. About half of the men and women were normal weight or underweight, 27 percent were overweight and 22 percent were obese, according to the report. Eisenberg didn’t ask the men and women why they resorted to unhealthy behaviors if they were urged to diet, but she has an idea.

I reversed my diabetes in just 11 days – by going on a starvation diet

Michael Mosley: Many people find it easier than standard dieting because instead of being on a diet seven days a week you are only dieting for two days. People say they can exercise their willpower and resist pizza today if they know they can have it tomorrow. On a physical level this pattern of eating seems to better mimic the way our remote ancestors would have eaten, i.e., feast and famine. Our bodies only get on with essential spring cleaning, getting rid of old and broken down cells, when we dont have food in our system. Thats why eating lots of small meals a day is not a good idea. Diet Detective:What are some of the tricks or tactics you use to make sure the Fast Diet works? Dr. Michael Mosley: The main one is to approach it with a positive mental attitude rather than with fear and trepidation. Much of what you may have been told about short bursts of fasting is simply not true. Your blood sugars will not fall after a couple of hours without food; in fact, after a meal there is a drop, and then blood sugars stay constant for about 60 hours even if you dont eat at all.

Diet Detective interview with diet expert and journalist Dr. Michael Mosley, author of The Fast Diet

How walking to work could reduce your risk of diabetes: People who ditch the car are 40 per cent less likely to develop the disease This involved eating just 800 calories a day (a mans recommended intake is 2,500) 600 calories from meal replacement shakes and soups and 200 calories from green vegetables. You also drink three litres of water a day.


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