Health Care Costs Projected To Outpace Economic Growth

“I think it’s quite clear from the study that the notion that the health care law fundamentally bends costs is just totally unsupported by facts,” James Capretta , a budget adviser to President George W. Bush, said in an interview. “Something more fundamental needs to be done to slow costs than what is in the health law.” The ‘Hard To Change’ Legacy Of Medicare Payments And Uwe Reinhardt , a Princeton economist who supports overhauling the health system said, “I also believe the ACA had basically nothing to do with the bending of the cost curve in the last few years.” But he said he was more optimistic that health spending will not resume its old path of sharp increases. “I do believe there is a mood among the payers for harder push back on prices,” he added in a podcast discussion about the report recorded by Health Affairs. “It’s quite astounding” that the actuaries do not expect health care providers to hike their prices in coming years, Reinhardt said. “Most of the increases they project have to do with more insured and the growth of the elderly because of the retiring baby boom.” For their part, the actuaries said they are skeptical that the nation has entered a new era of lower health spending, a case that has been made by the Obama administration and many prominent economists. Those economists have predicted that a strengthening economy will not be accompanied by sharp health spending hikes. African-Americans Remain Hardest Hit By Medical Bills Instead, this report predicts that health spending will rise faster than economic growth as the business climate improves. “Until we see evidence that relationship has been broken, it’s very difficult to conclude something structural has occurred,” Stephen Heffler, director of the statistics group at the Office of the Actuary at the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare, said at the briefing.

Access Health CT Prepares To Go Live Oct. 1

“That was completed successfully,” Wadleigh said. “It was two days where we showed the federal team everything that our system can do.” The marketplace also called an exchange is still waiting for information from health insurers, including the network of clinicians that each will offer to customers. “While we are a little behind, I’m not worried that we won’t be ready for Oct. 1,” Wadleigh said.


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