Hospital Should Promote Healthy Living, Ceo Says

This is definitely a spa experience … this is a living breathing example in health care today, said Robin Kovacs, rehabilitation manager of the center. The Sewall Healthy Living Center, which replaced the previous Motion Center, is located on the third floor of the hospital, occupies 8,776 square feet and cost $2.1 million to build. The Sewall family fund donated a portion of the money and the rest was raised by the Hospital Foundation, community donors and matching funds from the city. The center has been three years in the works including one year of planning. At the entrance visitors are greeted by a nautilus sculpture with the centers logo Live, Heal and Grow and the sound of water coming from two flows of water embedded in glass. Our goal is to make sure when you get off the elevator you hear the sound of water which decreases anxiety, puts you in a relaxed state to get you ready for your healing journey, said Kovacs. Treatment rooms for massage, acupuncture as well as a sauna and shower are immediately to the left. The lounge is a relaxing area where clients can sit and sip on spa water or hot tea.

Board member Alan White said the hospital is already doing a little of that, partnering with the Moses Lake School District on some projects. board members said they support other opportunities. Thompson said hospital officials want to have some guidelines in place by December. In other business, chief financial officer Tom Legal reported that while gross revenue is slightly below budget targets, operating revenue is slightly above targets. The hospital has generated $104 million in gross revenue for the year through the end of September, Legel said, which is about one percent below the budget target. But operating revenue (what’s left after expenses) is $40.6 million, which is about 2.7 percent above the budget target for the same period, he said.


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